Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eve + Flu = Dead Ships

Hey there gentle readers! Or what is left of you after my taking a week's holiday after only 2 posts. Heh. Heh. Anyway. Today, I have a bit of wisdom for you, gathered from my day's eveings. Mainly, I fly Rifters, and though I tend to have a rather suicidal aggression in my piloting practices, I've gotten relatively good at getting my ships out of sticky situations. When I first started piloting, I would lose a ship more or less every time I took one into combat. Nowadays, I'd reduce that to about 1 in four or less depending on the day. I've even gotten good, or lucky, at escaping from situations which really should kill me without a bit of effort, as you will all see in a relatively minor instance in my next actual post (Yes Raxip fans, I do in fact have one on the burner as I type this, but it needs a little more work). Anyway, today has seen a massive exception to the growing trend. Today I have lost three Rifters, gotten no kills, and gotten in fact into no fights. That's right, one from gate sentries, and two from concordokken, one of which was when I jumped into a 0.6 system with a GCC. Go ahead, laugh. I dare you. Jerks. The lesson to be learned from this is never play EvE with a fever so high you can't stand up without black spots encroaching on your vision and the room gently twisting counter-clockwise. Yes, I should've just stayed in bed.


  1. Lol at the losses, HUGE bummer at the fever. Get better man!

    Also, don't feel beholden to post. This isn't a chore, or a job. It's a hobby, a place to vent and share your experiences with like minded folk. While it's great, A+ work to update regularly, it's the exception rather than the rule to do so.

    Sent you an email with my contact information btw.

  2. I'll laugh just so I can be called a "jerk", but I'm not really one to laugh at the misfortune of others. I know the feeling, you haven't posted in a week and you feel you gotta cus that momentum is there and your friends are all reading. Well, don't do that to yourself. It's better to keep people wanting more with juicy posts than to just be average and feel you gotta post all the time.

    Hang in there, feel better! Oh and one more thing, "See, I read your posts so pfffft!" ;)


  3. Thanks for both of your Kind words, I really appreciate it. And yeah, I am feeling much better now. Also, it's less that I feel beholden to posting and more that I want to post but battle with my natural laziness and procrastinitive tendencies. :) And thanks for reading, Ven.

  4. Raxip, get well soon man.

    Talked with ya for a bit on an alt earlier tonight. I am looking forward to more of your post.

    Lately, I been spending more time reading than actually blowing stuff up. Good for the wallet and mind, but bad for the reflexes. :)