Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everything Begins Somewhere

There is no sound more relaxing than that of an idle ship at your command. It all blends into a gentle massage, the thrum of the superconducting capacitors, the soft whir of the autocannon barrels in standby, the calming buzz of the engines at neutral power. I sat in my half opened pod, enjoying the sounds, and the red-orange mists of Bosena glowing up from the monitors. I'd had a busy day, this was exactly what I needed. Until, of course, the insistent bleep of the ship's long-range scanner alarm shatters the calm of my mind.

I sigh and close the pod around me, then bring up the scan interface, and quickly manage to localize the source of Aura's panic to one of the lagrange points surrounding the planet where asteroids tend to collect. It's a Thorax class Cruiser. Gallente manufacture, and when it comes to ship design, the Gallente don't mess about. I consider for a moment. After all, my Rifter class Tissue Fang is tough, but it's only a frigate, and the Thorax is one of the top tier combat ships in it's class. My indecision lasts very little time, however. I am, after all, an immortal Capsuleer. I shout orders to my crew, and as my ship aligns to the point in space where the cruiser was, the warp drive screams it's fury to space and hurls my tiny craft into speeds greater than anything even imaginable in the human psyche.

As my ship decelerates into the asteroid point, I pan my drone about and take my bearings. At first I think I am too late, when I spot nothing but rocks and a single wreck. But on second glance, I notice my overview claiming that there is a thorax only 30 km from me, and then I see it seemingly hiding behind the wreck. I engage my engines and order my helmsman to set course straight for the enemy vessel, planning to start manoeuvring to avoid his guns when he's locked me and getting as much closing as I can before. I'm surprised, though, when I manage to get within 8km of him before he even locks be, but once I set in an orbit a klick away from him and engage my various combat systems, he deigns to open up on me with his blasters. At that point, though, my rack of 150mm autocannons are already spitting tiny nuclear death at him, and I can see the bright flashes as his shield relays and projectors fail one after the other, until with a bright flash they disintegrate altogether and the brilliant sprays of metal and fission from my guns being to impact on his armour. However, by this time he's also managed to blast through my unguarded shield, so I spring the surprise I kept up my sleeve on him. I direct my crew to begin draining his capacitor with my newly fitted NOS, and activate the nanite repair pumps to patch the chips he's flaking off of my armour plating. Things are going well, and my cannons are steadily walking across the thick plates of his armour towards his relatively unguarded warp drive when I see a secondary proximity alarm. A Jaguar class Assault Frigate and another Thorax, both belonging to the same corporation as the first. Things are, of course, over very quickly, and as my pod is blasted out of the wreckage of the Tissue Fang, I lament that I didn't have those extra few seconds I would have needed to bring that thorax down before his gangmates showed up. Perhaps next time. Well, I suppose it was a glorious death for my crew. Time to start interviews for a new one, I guess. Sometimes it's tough being an immortal.


Hi. My name's Raxip Elamp, but you can call me Rax. Everyone does, after all. This is my blog about EvE online, and it'll probably drift between In character and out of character posts. I haven't really made up my mind yet, heh. In EvE, I guess I could be best described as a pirate, but I've also been known to dabble in other elements of PvP such as Highsec Wardecs. I've been Doing PvP solidly for about three or four months now, so I wouldn't exactly call myself a newbie anymore, but I'm by no means a vet.


  1. So much more to learn, redshirt!

    Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Why thankee, Captain Professor Caid. I'd have one up now, but the prey in Bosena is being cagey....

  3. So I started reading your blog: too many eve words, also, Lagrange was a person dammit!